Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skateboard bone

Kate is not a happy person. On Tuesday she was running for the bus and took a nosedive. A trip to the A&E and resulting X-ray showed that she has broken her wrist. The bone she has broken is the scaphoid which is commonly known of as the skateboarder bone. Within 24 hours I had heard two different reasons why it has that nickname; the nurse says its because scaphoid sounds like skateboard and several other sources say it is called that as it is the most commonly broken bone by skateboarders (its the bone you usually break when you put your hand out to catch yourself).
She has a plaster cast and has to go back and have another X ray after a fortnight. The also has abrasions on her knee, hip and wrist. All in all she is not a happy bunny.

I've been talking to a lot of people recently about doing web sites. The sort of website we specialise in are ones that do something rather than just sit there and ones that need to interface with other systems. This has become easier these days with tools like Drupal and Joomla which do much of the work for you.

Yesterday after taking Kate to have her dressings changed, we spotted (rather appropriately) a nice dresser in the window of the Salvation Army store which we promptly bought. It looks like most Welsh dressers except instead of having clear glass, the glass is frosted and brown. Very 70s which is perfect for us and will go with the rest of our 70s furniture. Its being delivered Thursday next week. What I really need now is a nice 70s dining table. Our current is a decade newer and is a basic melamime covered chipboard thingly. I like the 70s stuff which is still mostly wood (although chipboard is sneaking in by then).

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