Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Driving

On Friday we were woken up by a phone call from my brother telling me that Mum had fallen and she had a suspected broken hip. The diagnosis was confirmed later that day and she was supposed to go into surgery on Friday to have a hip replacement.

On Saturday we were told that she hadn't had the surgery yet and could go into surgery at any time so we stayed at home but when we got the same message on Sunday morning, we hopped into the car and headed out to Waikato Hospital in Hamilton.

Peter had given me clear instructions and I had no trouble finding her. She was on a drip giving her fluids and pain relief. The latter must have been effective as she couldn't remember which hip was broken. She really wasn't that interested in company; I suspect it was morphine she was on as she was also on oxygen (morphine decreases breathing) and she was pretty sleepy.

We also have noticed that the right side of her face is loose and she is slurring her words as a result. The hospital didn't know she had a TIA a couple of months ago and didn't look into whether a stroke was the cause of the fall.

Peter has medical power of attorney for Mum and has on her request signed a DNR. Ever since we were children she has made it clear she didn't want to linger on in old age if she couldn't get around or had dementia. She is still pretty clear of mind but the Parkinson's is seriously damaging her quality of life and we haven't tried to talk her out of it.

So we are all worried bunnies.

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