Sunday, August 17, 2008

Storage solutions

We've spent much of the weekend looking into dealing with storage. Firstly we looked into improving the spare room cupboard which is has no shelving. We use it as a linen cupboard so this has resulted in us splitting stuff into separate bags which are labeled and sorting things into those bags. It hasn't worked very well as it can be hard to find the bag you want and they can get heavy. We decided to make new shelves out of some of the Quadro that we still have since the kids grew up. This has involved taking down the Quadro desk in the spare room and constructing the new shelving inside the cupboard.
Secondly we've stuck shelving up in the laundry/Vik's office. This was tricky as there were a lot of pipes and wires behind the wall and the stud finder was getting all confused. we got there in the end and now have somewhere to put washing powder, tools, spare RepRap bits etc.

Talking of the RepRap, things have been busy there too. Vik's spent the last three days working on a laser cut design (based on one by Ian Adkins for the custom parts. This has now gone off to Ponoko to print.

We've finally got a printed Y motor bracket. The third attempt also nearly finished and then there was a flash of lightening and a huge clap of thunder that rattled the floors and the build died. Vik says this has nothing to do with divine opinion and more to do with a lack on memory so he increased the virtual memory and the 4th attempt worked. He's also printed a rather snazzy card holder that I think is going to become the RepRap thing to have.

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