Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Iced Tea

We are all melting. For the last couple of weeks its been incredibly hot, usually into the 30s C. Until this week it was blue skies and sunshine, now it is drizzle and humidity that has hit 100%.

While the kids and Vik were in Queenstown I decided to figure out how to make iced tea. I first was introduced to the stuff in the US of A at the tender age of 14 and the instant iced tea I was given was so disgusting I didn't try it again for 25 years. I then discovered that the Asians know much better than the Yanks how to make the stuff and started drinking Chinese and Japanese versions.

Some web surfing showed it was pretty easy. To my surprise, when the rest returned, Vik and Kate took to the stuff as well and we are drinking it by the jugful.

So here is my iced tea recipe. Makes 3 litres (that's about 12 cups for those of you still using the old measurements).

Boil a kettle full of water and make a big pot full of tea. Leave to brew for a good 10 minutes. I use leaf tea from Tea Total and often used fruit flavoured teas (blackcurrant is especially popular).

While the tea is brewing, place about 1/4 cup of sugar (or to taste) in a large jug and add some of the freshly boiled water (just enough to dissolve) and stir until clear.

When tea is brewed, half fill the jug up with ice and pour tea on top. Stir and chill.