Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blue Skies

Yak Shaving of the day.
Go to do dishwasher, find a tin can among washing pile. Rinse and go to put in recycling bin. Find bin full. Take bin outside to empty into bigger bin. Comfort Vik because RepRap has barfed. Empty recycling into bigger bin and notice that sun is shining. Good time to finally wash the cars which have 6 weeks and 9 weeks respectively of accumulated dust and debris from the time that we have been overseas. Start washing my car. End comes off hose and drenches me with water. Track down Vik for comfort and to fix hose. Start washing car again. Hose breaks again. Find husband again and this time he places a different end on the hose. Finish washing car, wash Vik's car. Collapse exhausted with cup of tea. Kate and Tamara do dishwasher.

The RepRap parent isn't behaving. It was running pretty consistently when Vik went overseas but 2.5 months of cats jumping on it and not being used means that its sticking. Some of the parts that were broken on child are large ones so we get 8 hours into a print and it barfs. Its taken 3 days to get a new motor housing built.

The kids are rebelling. Our bedroom is about as far away from the RepRap as it gets but Kate and Tamara are pretty much right over it and they are not getting much sleep. I don't think the its the tuba sound of the printing so much as the graunch of the motors moving the head out of the way for a layer to set.

The temporary cure is to install the new software that allows pausing on a build and to turn it off overnight. The long term cure is to move house to somewhere that has a separate outhouse for Vik to place his workshop. This wont happen until the kids leave university (and Tamara is only on semester 2 of 6 so another 2 and a bit years to go) and we have enough money to get the place in sellable form. We don't get any financial assistance with the RepRap and it costs about 10k per year with travel and parts so this could be some time away.

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