Sunday, September 7, 2008


I think its fair to say that any novelty associated with air travel has well and truly worn off for Vik and myself.

Last week we both flew to Wellington so Vik could be interviewed by radio New Zealand about the RepRap. Despite it being a radio show, they wanted the RepRap there in person so we lugged Darwin along. This involved arranging a lot of shuttle vans as usual taxi cabs can't fit the RepRap box in their boot.

I'm glad to say that Darwin behaved itself perfectly and happily printed a ring while we were at the studio. As usual Air New Zealand looked after it well and it arrived pretty much in one piece (Vik forgot to fold down the opto flag before shipping but you can't blame the airline for that). We came back with QANTAS which were a little rougher and it needed about 20 minutes of care and attention before working again after coming home.

I think we are both becoming pretty familiar with Wellington City Central, but this time it appeared to be on a go slow and service at most places we went to was poor. The same can't be said of the General Practitioner (a pub) which was excellent.

when we got back there was the laser cut kit for the new RepRap which will be made out of Perspex. Vik and I individually named it Shiny so Shiny it is. The Perspex was cut by Ponoko who did a great job but to protect the finish each piece was covered on both sides by sticky paper and it was a mind numbing 2 hour job to peel all the pieces.

As this is a new design, some bits aren't quite right and have needed alteration, or will need to come from a new cut.

On Sunday we went to see Mum at Waikato hospital. She is now in the Rehabilitation ward (Kate found it very funny that her Grandma was in Rehab) and as a result is getting some great physiotherapy. She looked really well and her new Parkinson's meds have completely eliminated her tremor.

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