Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Very Tired

I've had a very busy last couple of days with both my main customers having a lot of work to do including another DR test that lasted from 11:30pm to 5am. I managed about 1 hour sleep in the middle but Vik decided around 9am that I would suffer dehydration if not given tea and woke me up (I can't say I was fully appreciative). I will have another late night tonight as it is curry night.

Tamara has been worrying for the last few days as she heard on the grapevine that AUT will be stopping the major that she is doing (Human Anatomy and Physiology). She eventually went to see the people in charge who confirmed that while they will not be taking any more students in for the course, they will allow all existing students to complete it.

All four of us have a cold. Its one of those colds that makes you feel grotty but doesn't actually stop you from doing anything.

I was startled today by a loud crash from the laundry/workshop. The RepRap had got greedy for filament and pulled the roll off the ceiling. No damage done but if you look at the image of the bed corner bracket (right), you will see a line about 1/3 down where it shows.

Since Vik has modified the RepRap to single step rather than half step the Z axis when we had the issue with tall objects it no longer graunches and is now much quieter. He has been able to print at night with no complaints.

We have been printing the parts for the new child RepRap much denser than the previous child which hopefully will make it much more resilient but this doesn't appear to have made the builds take noticeably longer to complete.

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