Monday, March 9, 2009

Two weeks since the kids went to Uni

Its not been two weeks since the girls moved out and in to University accommodation. Generally things seem to be going well for them, there's been an armed defender's squad shootout across the road from them, a suicide from a 17 floor build just down the road and they hate their flatmates. All seems par for the course.

As well as the seedier side of city life they have been enjoying the Auckland street festival; Tamara has discovered goat curry and Kate deep fried garlic bread.

Vik and I seem to be getting into a routine. He cleans the kitchen and changes the litter tray for first kitty of the apocalypse (i.e. Mitre) and I do every thing else.

I not longer have any protection from RSI and both of my wrist rests are being used as a kitten mattress as this was the only way of stopping Mitre from sleeping on my keyboard (while I'm trying to use it).

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Tamara Olliver said...

Then get new arm rests, or a pillow for Mitre